Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analyis

We support the WSU strategic plan.

We lead efforts to advance the WSU system strategic plan so we can reach our strategic goals and objectives.

Our Role in the WSU System Strategic Plan

The Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analysis (OSPA) is charged with leading strategic planning efforts at Washington State University. We coordinate throughout the WSU system to ensure the WSU System Strategic Plan is alive and implemented so we can reach our goals.

We are also here to elevate awareness and understanding of the purpose and value of the system strategic plan and the importance of strategic thinking and planning. We work to improve system plan implementation and increase institutional involvement and seek broad ownership in the process of strategic plan development and implementation. In that process, we strive to improve and unify key system planning processes and efforts.

Our guiding values in system planning:


We put people first. We build relationships and support and equip our teammates and partners for success. 


We trust, support, and empower each other. Our team is both fun and effective.


We welcome and learn from people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We support equitable access to information. 


You can trust that our work we do and the services we provide are accurate and high-quality.


We cultivate a culture of curiosity and are always growing as individuals and as a team. 


We ask tough questions and aren’t afraid to pursue creative solutions.


Strong ethics drive our actions. We are accountable and transparent.