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Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analyis

We are here to bring focus to the university’s vision.

Our work is a process of strategic planning, measuring our success, and using data to make better decisions.

As stewards of the system strategic plan, we empower the WSU community with strategic thinking, robust planning, and informed decision-making using institutional data and enhanced analytics.

OSPA Mission Statement

Our role in supporting the WSU System:

We support WSU system strategic planning

Our vision is for the system strategic plan to be alive and relevant for the entire WSU community. We facilitate strategic planning on a system-level.

We assist units with their planning needs

In order to help planning become aligned and integrated throughout the WSU system, we happily support colleges, campuses, and units with their strategic planning efforts.

We help use data to make decisions

We crunch data for breakfast. To help WSU truly operate as a data-informed institution, we are a vital source of internal and external data analysis and insights, including stakeholder needs, for planning and decision making.

We help align system priorities

We are working to improve system plan implementation in all its forms. Bringing alignment to the various forms of planning at WSU will help us more effectively reach our system goals and mission.