Aerial with a drone on the campus of Washington State University, Thursday, June 17, 2021.
Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analyis
We are here to bring focus to the university’s vision.
Our work is a process of planning, measuring our success, and using data to make better decisions.

Supporting the OneWSU system

It’s easy to think of WSU individually based on its six campuses, six research and learning centers, and 39 extension centers. But we don’t think that way- instead, WSU is a system of campuses that are equally committed to a set of OneWSU operating principles. This creates an approach and way of thinking that unites the WSU system and consistently guides the institution’s day-to-day actions.

We recognize the unique strengths and identities of each campus and how they contribute to our students. Our approach is to provide appropriate levels of autonomy for each campus location, while at the same time ensuring consistent branding, quality, and mission.

In a world defined equally by tremendous opportunities and rapid change, the vision of the Washington State University system is built on the foundational purposes of the land-grant university: to provide education to all, to conduct scholarly inquiry that benefits society, and to share expertise that boosts the lives of individuals and communities.

As we look to the future, WSU must expand its outreach through the growth of OneWSU. This will require focus, coordination, and alignment to planning. We need to engage across the university, and then use data more effectively to make decisions.

I am very excited for the future of our institution, and the growing impact we will have on our communities, state, and world—as we strengthen our campuses, we strengthen our system.

Kirk Schulz, WSU President

Our role in supporting the WSU System:

We support WSU system strategic planning

We help use data to make decisions

We assist units with their planning needs

We help align system priorities

Let us help you clarify a vision for your unit, and help create a plan to get there.

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