WSU Everett campus
Data Management Program

Who is involved?

In addition to dedicated project staff within the Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analysis, experts from across the WSU system and consultants from Huron support the Data Management Program. 

Executive Sponsor

Christine HoytVice President for Strategy, Planning, and Analysis

Project Team 

Cati Cederoth Analytics Lead (Huron) 
Corinna Lo ITS Liaison for Analytics (WSU) 
Devlin Hyna Technology Inventory Lead (Huron)
Emily Linroth Change Management Lead (WSU) 
Fran Hermanson Data Governance Lead (WSU) 
Gary Saunders ITS Liaison for Data Governance (WSU) 
Guy Ellibee Program Manager (WSU) 
Jon Walter Data Governance Data Analyst (WSU) 
Justin Hughes ITS Liaison for Technology Inventory (WSU) 
Lexi Prasco Change Management Lead (Huron) 
Mike Corwin Project Manager (WSU) 
Rodney Shaffer Project Manager (Huron) 
Roger Honan Data Governance Lead (Huron) 
Stephanie Kane Analytics Lead (WSU) 

Sponsor Coalition

Kirk SchulzPresident, Washington State University