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Data Management Program

We don’t just guess.

Data informs our decision-making at Washington State Universit.y

We are transforming WSU’s approach to data management together.

The Data Management Program is a system-wide, multi-phase program that will transform how we manage and approach data, analytics, and the underlying technology to support. It will build on current efforts to improve data-informed decision-making at all levels.

Together, we are building a culture where everyone has the knowledge and tools they need to access, store, share, and transform data system-wide.

Data plays a vital role at WSU.

While some WSU data moves through large, centralized systems and is stored centrally, much of it is siloed and difficult to access.

It can be hard to report on and analyze data from multiple sources, and even harder to visualize that data in a way that helps leaders gain clear insights. Through anecdotes and survey responses from hundreds of employees, we know we have plenty of room to improve. That’s where this program comes in.

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Data-informed decision-making is a critical part of realizing WSU’s mission and strategic goals.

To achieve success, WSU needs structure and guidelines in place regarding data. The Data Management Program will drive innovation and efficiency in reporting, analytics, and data management for all WSU stakeholders.  
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We will take a holistic approach to managing data and analytics system-wide.

We are working toward a future where everyone at WSU has the knowledge and tools they need to access, store, share, and transform data to make informed decisions. 

Goals of the Data Management Program


Everyone will be able to access the data they need when they need it to do their job. 


Know where data came from and what happened to it before it got to you, thanks to better tracking of lineage and metadata (data about data). 


Data and analytics experts across the system will take on more formal roles as advisors, helping create best practices for managing data.


We will implement new tools while phasing out others, moving toward a unified data warehouse for easier storage and sharing.


University policies will be updated to reflect the new tools and systems being implemented, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all departments.

How this program will move forward

  • A Data Management Program as a framework to guide how we solve data problems, manage data, and make informed decisions.
  • A community and culture where everyone has the knowledge and tools they need to access, store, share, and transform data.
  • A Council composed of experts and decision-makers from across the system focusing on Data Analytics and Data Governance 

Who is involved

In addition to dedicated project staff within the Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analysis, experts from across the WSU system support the Data Management Program. 

Executive Sponsor

Christine HoytVice President for Strategy, Planning, and Analysis

Project Team 

Cati Cederoth Analytics Lead (Huron) 
Corinna Lo ITS Liaison for Analytics (WSU) 
Devlin Hyna Technology Inventory Lead (Huron)
Emily Linroth Change Management Lead (WSU) 
Fran Hermanson Data Governance Lead (WSU) 
Gary Saunders ITS Liaison for Data Governance (WSU) 
Guy Ellibee Program Manager (WSU) 
Jon Walter Data Governance Data Analyst (WSU) 
Justin Hughes ITS Liaison for Technology Inventory (WSU) 
Lexi Prasco Change Management Lead (Huron) 
Mike Corwin Project Manager (WSU) 
Rodney Shaffer Project Manager (Huron) 
Roger Honan Data Governance Lead (Huron) 
Stephanie Kane Analytics Lead (WSU) 

Sponsor Coalition

Kirk SchulzPresident, Washington State University