WSU Pullman at night
Data Management Program


In Phase 1, we’re engaging stakeholders and building the framework for the Data Management Program. We’re also laying the groundwork for Phase 2, which begins in spring 2023.

Phase 1

February 2023

  • Plan for phase 2
  • Begin laying groundwork for the analytics community 

January 2023 

December 2022

  • Invited council members to first meeting
  • Analyzed results of Technology and Applications Inventories

November 2022

  • Met with university leaders and Data Trustees to build awareness and support
  • Completed collecting Technology and Applications Inventories


Summer 2022 

  • Built internal capacity in project management and change management 
  • Brought Institutional Research under the Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analysis 

Fall 2021 

  • Hired consulting partner Huron to guide Data Management Program development 
  • Conducted initial survey of technology and applications used across the system (a precursor to the Technology and Applications Inventory project) 
  • Assessed WSU’s data and reporting landscape with the OneWSU: Initiative for Data-Informed Decision-Making survey 

November 2021