Results are in for the Technology and Applications Inventory

Results are in for the Technology and Applications Inventory. Access the following materials by logging in with your WSU Network ID and password:

As part of the Data Management Program, WSU is working on getting a better understanding of the software applications currently used at WSU to enter, store, transform, or share data. This Technology and Applications Inventory will help WSU make data more accessible, accurate, and actionable for all stakeholders, and move us closer to a future where we make data-informed decisions to advance the university’s mission.

Collecting data

In the fall of 2021, we conducted an initial survey of technology and applications used across the system. This provided a starting point for a more robust inventory process in fall 2022 when we asked Area Technology Officers and Area Finance Officers to review and add additional detail and any new applications to their previously collected data.

Analyzing results

From the extensive results of nearly 950 supporting technology applications submitted, we grouped the items under eight service categories and assigned them to about 50 services they support. Note: 950 represents the total submitted, not the number of unique applications submitted, so this number does include duplicates.

The dominant theme is that staff, faculty, and students use applications to manage student data and facilitate administrative services.

Results showed there might be opportunities to align on applications that support specific services, especially applications that enable collaboration, customer relationship management, and project management.

What’s next?

Knowing more about which applications we use system-wide will help us be more efficient and eliminate duplicative efforts, saving resources across the WSU system.

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About the Author

Emily Linroth is Strategic Change Manager and Facilitator for the Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analysis. She leads change management strategy and tactics for unit programs and projects.

She serves as change management lead for the Data Management Program, a system-wide shift in how WSU approaches data and analysis to make data-informed decisions.