Institutional Research Presents at WSU Enrollment Summit

Last week, Stephanie Kane, Interim Executive Director of Institutional Research, and Steve Selk, Data and Strategy Associate, presented at the WSU Enrollment Summit, sharing insight and tips on accessing WSU census data and institutional research dashboards.


Requests that frequently come to Institutional Research are on where to find information. During the presentation, Steve walked the attendees through where to find common data sources and familiarized attendees with dashboard interfaces.

Stephanie reiterated that all WSU employees should have access to the OBIEE WSU census dashboards. This is accessed through myWSU.  A common hiccup that users have is that when they click on the OBIEE reporting button, they are then presented with a gray screen—don’t panic—the gray screen is only a placeholder for the reports that can be accessed through the navigation at the top right of the screen.

Two slides from a presentation showing how to access OBIEE census dashboards from myWSU login

OBIEE Admissions

One of the most common questions Institutional Research receives when it comes to admissions data is, how do we see where students are coming from? Where did they last attend school prior to WSU? This is a specific report that is available as a data set for first-time, first-year students, or transfer students, for both Washington residents and students from outside Washington.

Information found in the OBIEE WSU census reports can also be found on the Institutional Research website in different dashboards. The IR website is a helpful resource for finding an image or data visualizations to include in a presentation. The most current numbers and counts can be accessed through the OBIEE reports.

OBIEE Census Admissions slide from presentation and Institutional Research homepage with different data exlorations.

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