Cougs Beat UW and Covid in the same year!

It is apparent that the world has changed drastically in the past few years due to covid and it has caused mayhem throughout larger universities and social environments. Washington State University is proud to say that we have done all we can as a university in order to keep our faculty, community, and students as healthy as possible throughout these odd times. 

With the return of WSU students to the classroom, it was inevitable to see a rise in students attending in-person compared to the zoom academy year prior to this year. With that came an anticipated spike in Covid-19 cases here on campus. In order to keep people safe and still be able to have social events, sporting events, and in-person classes a few minor changes/restrictions needed to be put in place. 

WSU sifted through the data and the information about Covid-19 from many different angles and found a way to get the best possible solutions to these major world problems. We as a university made the testing sites readily available as well as set up the contact tracing centers on campus. 

Obviously, the use of masks and vaccines played a very key role in the process of getting back the cougar way we are all so excited to have back. However, it was thanks to the data and the research teams that we were able to make such smooth and quick turnarounds in order to return to normal life. 

We are so excited about the leaps and bounds that have occurred on campus with the progression of Covid, and the ability of our cougs to adapt, overcome and make the best out of a bad situation. We hope to implement these data-informed decisions with the future of Covid as well as any other major problems that may arise in the future.

Alexander Brady

About the author

Alex is a writer for the Office of Strategy, Planning, and Analysis at Washington State University. As a strategic advertising student, he focuses on brand development and promotion. He also works as an intern in Switzerland with the luxury watch company, Chopard.